Steps to do Keyword Research for your SEO company in Dubai.

Keyword research is important as it helps a lot in the content strategy, and thereby the marketing strategy, of a company. If you do your homework well, you could develop a good SEO content which will ensure that your company will be found when people search for terms that define your company.

So if you are working for a SEO company in Dubai, the following steps will help you do the right keyword research for your company:

  • Lists can, more often than not, help

What you have to do first for your SEO Dubai, is to make a list of the topics that are related to your client’s company. Try to think of the terms that searchers would enter and choose those that you would want the company to be tagged to.

  • Identify keywords related to your listed topics

Now that you have your topics listed out, the next thing to be done is to brainstorm for keyword phrases that your potential customers might search for. This will not be the final keyword list but only a number of phrases that you come up with. You will also need to figure out the keywords that the company is already linked to.

  • Find related search terms

Type in your framed keyword phrases on Google and see what it comes up with. Scroll down to the bottom of the given page to note down the related search terms. Repeat this for your results too if you have to.

  • Search for the right combination of words

Your keyword phrase will have to contain the right combination of head terms and long-tail keywords. Head terms are short (1-3 words) and place you under a more generic search result, whereas long-tail keywords are long (more than 3 words) and will place you under a more specific search result. This is important because someone who really knows what he/she is searching for will be more specific in their search.

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  • Observe the competitor

Find out the keywords that your competitor uses, not because you have to use it too but because it will help give your keyword list another evaluation – have you used the optimum words, have you found keywords they haven’t, etc.

  • Get your keyword list ready

Now, you are ready to cut down your list to only those keywords that you are actually going to need. You’ve a number of tools to help you through this process. Keywords App for HubSpot customer, Google AdWords Keyword Planner and Google trends are some of these tools. Keyword planner will help point out those keywords that do not meet the right combination of the head and long-tail keywords, so choose appropriately.

Your list of keywords is ready. Follow the above steps to do the best keyword research possible for your company of SEO, Dubai.