Green concepts, the next big thing interior designers are offering to hoteliers

There is hardly anybody who could deny the fact that nature is the best interior designer. The plants, animals and microorganisms have clearly designed and decorated this planet in the best possible way. Green concept is one of the most popular issues in our times. It, in a way could be said to be the contribution of Eco friendly interior designers towards the reduction of the damage that is being caused to the earth. Green concept is being applied to several different types of project, however it has become especially popular in the designing of hotels. Even though the green concept is very helpful for the preservation of the nature,  it has become so appealing for the hoteliers because of the aesthetic beauty it offers to the hotels. While it is practically not possible to make the whole hotel green because of cost concerns and the availability of resources. However,  it can still be implemented in a number of ways as showed on several projects by some of the best Eco friendly interior designers. Some of the most common tricks that could help in making spectacular Eco friendly designs are:

  • Ensure sunlight

While executing the green concepts in a hotel try to take maximum support of sunlight. Don’t get confused as this basically means to make arrangements and use products that would facilitate maximum influx of sunlight into the rooms. This can be done by using open shades and also skylights.  

  • Decorate with plants

The interior designers who believe in the green concept try to use green plants as much as possible for decoration. The plants would add a sense of freshness to the room by filtering the air and by removing the harmful chemicals that might have come in. While these plants can provide many health benefits they also could prove to be extremely useful for enhancing the beauty of the room. It is important to make a choice of plants based on the size of the room.

 interior designers

  • Lights that save energy

A fluorescent lights is extremely helpful in saving energy and hence these should be used as much as possible. In addition to this it can also help in reducing the amount of greenhouse gases and the level of pollutants. Therefore not only are these helpful for the environment but also for the users.

  • Products that have reduced VOC

Whenever possible try using products that have a low amount of volatile organic compound. So try to be wise when you buy things like paints, furniture and many other products commonly brought in use in any households.

Hence since, the green concepts are not only immensely helpful in healing the environment but also almost guarantee a kind of beauty that cannot be obtained from artificial products, these have attracted some of the biggest hoteliers. These hoteliers not only are doing their part of making the environment cleaner but also are reaping the benefits of the beauty of natural environment by means of ascribing to the principles of Green concept.