Design copyright laws in Dubai

There are expert intellectual property lawyers in Dubai. If you are in a design, media, or any other creative business, it is important that you know about the laws to protect your business.

Intellectual property lawyers in Dubai help you keep your efforts and talents in a safe place. They protect your identity and help you register your company’s products and services and provide you with trademark and copyright protection.

Lawyers need to have a specialization in “intellectual property” legal work in order to represent a client in the aspect.

Copyright law in Dubai

Dubai established international treaties to protect intellectual property with international bodies. There is an extensive legal framework for intellectual rights to protect local as well as for foreign investment bodies.

Persons who like to report a case of trademark breach or infringement in Dubai need to file a complaint with all the necessary documents to the Commercial Protection Division. The fate of the case and the way it will be dealt will depend on the gravity of the situation. The complaint report has to be filed in Arabic and there should be valid proof to prove the allegation.

Trademark and copyright protection in Dubai case can be filed if an original or innovating product created by an individual or a company, is/are copied by another individual.  

There are rigorous regulations to protect copyrights and trademark and acknowledge the creators. Intellectual property needs to be certified with valid documents so property acknowledged by the law. Patent rights in Dubai are an official record of inventions of tangible objects that reflect traits of originality.

Copyrights refer to written original and/or artistic expression. Copyright gives you an international recognition for your original work.

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