Bariatric surgery- Weight loss treatment

Weight loss treatment dubai

Easier and faster are the two adjectives that beep around in the mind when technology is considered. So is the case with this surgery. People assume it to be an easy way to deal with obesity irrespective of the costs. There are many weight losing centres opening per day to facilitate people. Let’s take an example, there is moderate weight loss surgery cost in Dubai, due to the high percentage of people opting for these surgeries. Multiple factors work, Perhaps time constraint being the highest surveyed reason.

Wanna drive through cases? See, we have three scenarios:

  1.    Intake calories=Consumed Calories –> Weight constant
  2.    Intake calories<Consumed Calories –> Weight loss (stored fats converted into energy)
  3.    Intake calories>Consumed Calories –> Weight gain (Excess fats are stored)

What happens in this surgery?

Stomach Size reduction. Easy! A lesser volume of the stomach would lead to lesser intake and proportionally fewer consumption rates. Fast fill sensation prevails. Primarily, a good goofing up technique.

There is one more case. The food has a secondary pass, which means that there is an alternative path directly to the intestine (gut), so lesser direct consumption. This one is a more complicated. Bypassing the stomach would be done, hence effective.

The difference lies in the intake volume. In Stomach size reduction, intake volume that was initial before the operation would also decrease as filled-up sensation is felt and no more space is available to gallop more. Moreover, this requires constant feeding too. While in a case of Bifurcating path technique, there is no change in the food intake, and eating, as usual, is pretty fine.

One more point to be noticed: There are some exceptional cases where both of them are required. That needs extra attention from the team of doctors too.

Should everyone go for it?

Absolutely not! This might be the last thing to opt for. One more point to look forward too. That is, there are restrictions for eligibility. I would try to summarize them under:

  1.    Must have a BMI of 40+ (35-40 in case curable after surgery). Patients with diabetes Type-II must be aware!
  2.    Must be a regular patient under specialized team, which ensures that there are no other options to go for.
  3.    Generally 18+ age. But exceptions arise. Children with high obesity might be driven to multiple doctors and advised.
  4.    Weight loss assessment techniques must be known and well implemented. If not affecting, then yes.

Chat with people who have had this done, just keep a watch over yourself. If you have a thing framed in your mind, then don’t shiver. Go for it! You must be ready for long-term alteration in your daily schedule of living. Including food intake and other more basic lifestyle terms.

Be motivated, Tackle risks and enjoy benefits! Wishes from this side.