Is root canal a serious problem?


What is root canal?

A root canal, serious and dangerous as it may sound, is a dental treatment that many people have to resort to nowadays. It is the most helpful treatment for people who are suffering from the afflictions of decayed teeth or highly infected teeth. Some of the famous dentists of Dubai consider it as a last resort for saving the decayed teeth because in the absence of this method the only thing left to do is to extract the teeth. The term “root canal” basically refers to the natural cavity present in the center of the teeth. The nerves of the tooth are present in the root canal and thus it is the most important and sensitive part of the tooth. Even though these nerves do not affect the health of the teeth after the teeth comes out of the gums, however they are responsible for the sensation of coldness or hotness felt in the teeth.

Why is it needed?

Whenever the pulp or the nerves of the tooth are damaged because of any reason, the pulp breaks down and the bacteria begins to multiply and increase in number, inside the chamber at the center of the teeth. The broken down debris and the bacteria can cause serious problems and lead to an infection. This can also lead to the formation of abscess or pockets full of pus at the roots of the teeth. The root canal is damaged mostly because of poor dental hygiene and habits, thus a root canal treatment could be averted and avoided with the help of simple and constant vigilance of your dental health. This infection and abscess can lead to the following:

Root canal treatment
Root canal treatment
  • Swelling in the gums which can surely affect other parts of the body like the neck, the face and even the head.
  • Loss of good amounts of bone specifically at the end of the root.
  • A hole is created in the tooth which leads to drainage of food items inside the tooth and then into the skin thereby creating uncomfortable condition for the person.

What are root canal replacement procedure and its dangers?

If the root canal and the tooth get infected and the person is suffering from a painful situation then the person needs to undergo a root canal replacement surgery. In this minor yet extremely crucial surgery the pulp present inside the root canal is replaced with an inert material. While it is extremely safe and the procedure is pain less there are many notions attached with this treatment that scare many people like a root canal treatment gone bad could be excruciatingly painful and may end up doing more bad than good. In addition to this if the material is not properly used then there may be an infection.

Hence it is always advisable to go to good dentist with good experience so that you may get the best and most safe treatment possible for you or for your loved ones.