Home Decorator Secrets To The Latest Style

It’s the home decorator who knows the secrets to use to make a house to be of the latest style. If you see a well-pointed room then know that the decorator is an experienced and a professional person. Home decorators or the interior designers are very important people and without them, your house cannot look the way you want it to look. Interior designers Dubai are among the best Designers in the world that anybody can go for because of the quality of decoration that they do. These decorators use a few tricks to create a very wonderful room that anyone can be proud of. Some of the secrets to using to achieve the latest styles are.

  1. Avoid overcrowding

It is very important for the interior designers to ensure that they are cautious about what they are doing so that they cannot overcrowd the room. There are others who might be excited by these new styles and opt to make a lot of purchases in order to achieve this new style but this is not on order. A room that is stuffy look small and not attractive to the eyes. It is important to have a plan of what you want to do and ensure you replace those items that you don’t want the new ones. Do not overcrowd as this will make a room appear stuffy and not attractive to the eyes.

  1. Choose a good colour scheme

What kind of colour scheme do you choose for your house or room? This matters a lot because for a room to look attractive there must be a flow of colours. The psychology of colour is very important and matters a lot and therefore be careful on what you choose for space because, in the long run, it might have an impact. Most of the office fit out companies in Dubai is dedicated to ensuring they provide services that are of high quality and that are acceptable to all people.  Choosing the colour pallets that can work for a room is not something hard because there are thousands of different colours in the marker. See more here!

  1. Take time to choose your paint colour

Do you know why it is necessary for you to choose your paint colour? This is for the purpose of ensuring that every aspect of the room complemented including lighting, upholstery and other accessories. Avoid the mismatched colours because they are likely to affect your entire design and do not rush to making decisions because they are likely to affect the look of your house in one way or the other. Therefore be very careful with the paint colour that you choose and ensure that it matches with other items that are in the room or that you are likely to add to the room.

  1. Avoid keeping furniture against the walls

Keeping furniture against the walls is not good as this creates a mad image of the room. Create an illusion of space by placing furniture away from the walls. This is very important as it creates cosy atmosphere and aids in conversation. Interior design Dubai is handled by professional decorators.

5 Qualities that an architect should.

Architectural planning

An architect is someone who plans and looks after the construction of buildings. He is responsible for the best possible construction of buildings so as to give the most attractive looks to it.

Dubai, the city that has gained recognition worldwide for its flourishing economy and captivating architecture is located on the northern tip of the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf. The beautifully designed city has shown prodigious outgrowth in its architectural standards, thanks to the highly skilled architects in Dubai! The city, apart from being known around the globe for its lavish lifestyle and economic growth, is famous for its remarkable architectural beauties. Dubai is enriched with well designed buildings and tall towers that are the masterpieces by world’s best architects namely, Atkins, RMJM and Zaha Hadid. Some of the masterworks of the Dubai Architects are Dubai Opera House building, Dubai Pearl, Dubai Signature Towers and Burj Khalifa.

Let’s look at some of the qualities that an architect must possess:

  • Visualization ability

He must be capable of visualizing the structures, surroundings and the designs. A perfect architecture is based on accurate visualization of the building that is to be constructed. A good architect needs to envision the building or structure that is yet to be constructed, the correct dimensions and space so as to create an exact image of the building before construction. This will help in minimizing defects and possible errors.

  • Good drawing and sketching skills

A good architect must certainly have the ability to draw excellent sketches neatly and quickly. He is responsible for explaining about the construction plan and design to the constructors, contractors as well as to the clients. He should be fast enough in making proper sketches to clarify things and produce manuals or CAD (computer-aided-design) based designs.

Architectural planning
Dubai Architects
  • Observation

The quality to observe things, nature, surroundings and beauty is very important for one to be a good architect. He/she must be observant enough to take note of the latest designs, faults or defects in the buildings and nature. A beautifully constructed building is the one that is designed after keen observation. It’s the responsibility of the architect to nicely observe the existing buildings and construction sites so that a perfect architecture can be made. A good observation will lead to more precise knowledge of misconstructions.

  • Technical knowledge

Sufficient technical knowledge is as important as drawing and sketching skills. This is because apart from preparing design, sketches of the structure of building, the architect also has to look after the technical components like electric wiring, heating and air conditioning and structural engineering. He must possess knowledge about the basic technical measures, faults and requisites. This is important so that the architecture is unaffected by the technical issues.

  • Communication and problem solving

A good architect must know how to communicate effectively with the contractors and clients about a project. This is necessary for avoiding issues related to misconstruction. An architect has to confront the contractor for explaining about the architecture and design. He also has to interact well with the clients while conveying his visualizations and ideas in the best possible manner. He/she should be good at resolving several challenges that fall in his way during the course of the project.

Every aforementioned quality is inherent in all architects of Dubai and therefore, they have been able to produce such eye enthralling structures that have long remained and will remain in the eyes and hearts of the masses! Henceforth, every architect, aspiring or otherwise must take example and keep all the points mentioned above in mind.


What questions you should ask your interior designer?

Interior designers play an important role when it comes to designing a house, hotel or an office. Their services could also prove to be very important in something as small as remodeling a house or giving a new office a new look or changing the theme of a restaurant. The interior designers in Dubai are the ones who have been responsible for adding the luxury to the projects, the sophistication in the stylish designs of London and the warmth in the romantic buildings of Paris. However, before you go on to hiring an interior designer there are certain key factors that you should know about because this will give you a good idea about how nicely you mesh together, so to speak. We have tried to share a few of the important questions that you should definitely ask your interior designer before the work begins

1. Charges: “Per room or per hour”

The interior designer mostly calculates their effort either on the basis of the hours they put in or the number of rooms they work on. Thus, you should definitely ask your interior designers whether he is going to charge on a room basis or on an hourly basis. This question could prove to be very important in cost estimation in some of the situations like while working on a luxury interior designing project in Dubai it might be cheaper for the clients if the designers work on a per room basis rather than an hourly basis.

Interior Designers

2. Affiliate Offers: “Designer discount fees”

Designers while working on their projects have to use the services of manufacturers other vendors and the retailers. This is why these designers have a chance at getting discounts if they regularly buy products directly from these people. So you should definitely try to get some section of this discount using the connections and experience of your designers. So feel free to make this query.

3. Portfolio: “Previous work and projects”

Try to make sure that the designer that you are working with; has some experience in working on different kinds of projects and in solving interior designing related problems and issues. Try to see pictures of the previous projects and get to know everything that the designer plans on doing with the rooms and their styling being in the fixed budget.

4. Payment Terms: “Sign up an agreement”

Before starting the work with the designer you should definitely sign up a letter agreement. This will avoid any misunderstandings and you will know that exactly when to pay up. Different designers have different policies like some take advance money before starting the work and then take the rest of the payment after the project ends, whereas some take the whole fees as one after the project has needed.

5. Clientele: “Who have they served”

You should definitely ask about the past clients to know about the efficaciousness of your designer’s abilities. Talking to the previous clients will help you in knowing if the designers are punctual, work as per the schedule, operate efficiently in a pressure situation and how do they manage the contractors.

While reading these questions you might be thinking that these are normal questions and you would have definitely asked about it but many times it has been seen that people miss out on these details and then end up getting frustrated later on. So take measures and get these questions dealt with so that the designing goes on impeccably

Design & Build – A completely different approach here in Dubai

Dubai Interior Design

Interior design in Dubai has undergone a major revolutionary change. The result of this revolution could be seen through the beautiful and marvelous architectural marvels present in Dubai. The beautiful hotels and resorts, offices, villas, popular world-famous buildings stand as a testimony to this. Even though these things are present all over the world however the ones that are present in Dubai have gained special prominence. This is because, these buildings show the uniqueness and innovativeness present in Dubai’s architectural planning. In fact this has become so popular that ideas that are present in the architectural marvels of Dubai are being used in buildings all over the world. While many people have contributed to making this possible, interior designers of Dubai deserve special accolade. It’s because they take on challenging tasks with their ingenuity and willpower accomplish the most difficult of goals. One of the buildings like Burj Khalifa would not have been thought of as possible as the architects and interior designers of Dubai have delivered it.

There are certain key factors that have put the interior design companies of Dubai in a league of its own. The modern interior designers have started following a new and different kind of approach for designing and building. From the results so far it could be clearly said that this method is very effective. The first and the most important thing in this approach are to be not afraid of targeting the impossible. Also rather than pursuing orthodox trends, blindly the designers believe in creating and learning. Unlike before interior designing in Dubai is witnessing the projects that are a combination of old methods and innovative thinking. Thus these designers create new things while learning about the old trends and presenting these in the form of modern designs. In addition to this, the designers also have tried to use the simple things in a magical way.

Dubai Interior Design

On several occasions the customers are not really able to express their requirements in words. This might impose to be a problem for the interior designers and they might end up chasing a hazy dream project. This is a very important aspect of the new approach that is followed. In this connection building first of all the designers try to understand as much as possible about the requirements and resources of the clients. After this the designers use the information inculcated along with their own ideas to present a virtual design. The virtual design also has some ideas from the designers side which acts as the icing on the cake. Once this virtual design is made it is shared with the clients to see to it that they are satisfied or not and to make any changes. After getting the confirmation, the designing process ends and the building process starts. The interior designers of Dubai are very considerate of the resources available with the clients and don’t want the project to be too heavy on their pockets.

Thus this goes without saying that the design and the build process in Dubai has become multi layered and it is a total of skills, ingenuity, honesty and punctuality and the result of all this is the beautiful city of Dubai.