How Cable Trays Save Wires From Catching Fire?

We have had issues with a bunch of wires hanging around, be it at homes or at offices or other commercial establishment. According to the best cable tray suppliers in UAE, the best way to manage them and prevent them from risks like fire is use cable trays that can accommodate open wires.

Cable trays are structural units that are used to secure cables. These systems include cable ladders, channels, troughs, solid bottom trays, etc. Using cable trays is considered to be the best way to secure, identify or remove cables.

In the absence of cable trays, there is a good chance for a short circuit and this may further lead to major fire accidents. A majority of cable tray manufacturers produce fire-proof cable trays so as to reduce fire accidents. Fireproof cable trays come with a thick layer of fireproof coating that that shields fire from getting in contact with the cables inside the tray.

Cable trays are available in galvanised, aluminium, fiber glass and stainless steel. However, it is suggested to avoid in the entire wiring system because fiber glass catches fire quite easily. Also, it is suggested that you check for its fire rating and consider if it is suitable to the environment where it will be installed. This way, you will be able to make an informed decision about the cable trays being installed.

There are different types of cable trays to accommodate different cables carrying different voltages and using the right type of cable tray for the cables is the best way to avoid problems.

Apart from opting for fireproof cables, proper maintenance including – cleaning and dusting of cable trays – will make sure that the wires are safe and the chance of catching fire is reduced.