5 Qualities that an architect should.

An architect is someone who plans and looks after the construction of buildings. He is responsible for the best possible construction of buildings so as to give the most attractive looks to it.

Dubai, the city that has gained recognition worldwide for its flourishing economy and captivating architecture is located on the northern tip of the United Arab Emirates on the Persian Gulf. The beautifully designed city has shown prodigious outgrowth in its architectural standards, thanks to the highly skilled architects in Dubai! The city, apart from being known around the globe for its lavish lifestyle and economic growth, is famous for its remarkable architectural beauties. Dubai is enriched with well designed buildings and tall towers that are the masterpieces by world’s best architects namely, Atkins, RMJM and Zaha Hadid. Some of the masterworks of the Dubai Architects are Dubai Opera House building, Dubai Pearl, Dubai Signature Towers and Burj Khalifa.

Let’s look at some of the qualities that an architect must possess:

  • Visualization ability

He must be capable of visualizing the structures, surroundings and the designs. A perfect architecture is based on accurate visualization of the building that is to be constructed. A good architect needs to envision the building or structure that is yet to be constructed, the correct dimensions and space so as to create an exact image of the building before construction. This will help in minimizing defects and possible errors.

  • Good drawing and sketching skills

A good architect must certainly have the ability to draw excellent sketches neatly and quickly. He is responsible for explaining about the construction plan and design to the constructors, contractors as well as to the clients. He should be fast enough in making proper sketches to clarify things and produce manuals or CAD (computer-aided-design) based designs.

Architectural planning
Dubai Architects
  • Observation

The quality to observe things, nature, surroundings and beauty is very important for one to be a good architect. He/she must be observant enough to take note of the latest designs, faults or defects in the buildings and nature. A beautifully constructed building is the one that is designed after keen observation. It’s the responsibility of the architect to nicely observe the existing buildings and construction sites so that a perfect architecture can be made. A good observation will lead to more precise knowledge of misconstructions.

  • Technical knowledge

Sufficient technical knowledge is as important as drawing and sketching skills. This is because apart from preparing design, sketches of the structure of building, the architect also has to look after the technical components like electric wiring, heating and air conditioning and structural engineering. He must possess knowledge about the basic technical measures, faults and requisites. This is important so that the architecture is unaffected by the technical issues.

  • Communication and problem solving

A good architect must know how to communicate effectively with the contractors and clients about a project. This is necessary for avoiding issues related to misconstruction. An architect has to confront the contractor for explaining about the architecture and design. He also has to interact well with the clients while conveying his visualizations and ideas in the best possible manner. He/she should be good at resolving several challenges that fall in his way during the course of the project.

Every aforementioned quality is inherent in all architects of Dubai and therefore, they have been able to produce such eye enthralling structures that have long remained and will remain in the eyes and hearts of the masses! Henceforth, every architect, aspiring or otherwise must take example and keep all the points mentioned above in mind.