5 Mistakes we usually do while wearing braces.

A dentist usually refers someone to wear braces to improve the orofacial appearance. This type of treatment is required to correct problems like crooked or crowded teeth, incorrect jaw position, deep bites, open bites, crossbites, overbites or underbites, malocclusions and disorder of the joints of the jaw.

Braces can be structural or cosmetic, and braces in Dubai come in various types – traditional metal wired, clear, gold-plated stainless steel, lingual or invisible or ibraces, titanium, multi-loop edgewise archwire, smart brackets and A-braces that can be controlled by the user while applying, adjusting or removing.

  • Oral hygiene while wearing braces

During treatment with braces, one has to follow carefully all the instructions related to oral hygiene that has been provided by the orthodontist. One has to take care to brush, rinse and floss the mouth after each meal because braces retain food particles that can cause plaque. This will lead to a growth of oral bacteria which will ultimately attack the teeth and gums. One should use a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste that contains fluoride to maintain the braces.

  • Cleaning of removal appliances

Removal appliances should be equally taken care of. As food particles may get trapped in these appliances just as they do on the teeth, they should be brushed regularly. The appliance should be soaked once a day in a glass of water in which has been dissolved any denture-cleaning tablet. In addition to the fact that this will avoid bacterial growth, it will give a good taste to the appliance.

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  • Care of retainers

Wearing the retainers, initially would result in the production of saliva that will gradually disappear. Retainers should be worn all the time except when eating or brushing the teeth while playing contact games or swimming. When not in the mouth they should always be kept in their retainer cases as they are breakable. Using hot or boiling water to clean the retainers will result in them shrinking.

  • What to eat after getting braces

The orthodontist will give a list of food that one should steer clear off while wearing braces. Eating habits will need to be changed as the brackets would not be able to bite into anything. While one can still go ahead and enjoy the soft stuff, hard, sticky, tough types of food are more likely to damage or even break the braces. If the brackets were to break repeatedly, it would mean that one would have to wear the braces for a longer period.

  • Protection of the braces with mouth guard

For any teenager who is actively involved in sports, the braces can cause injury to self or even to others. To avoid injuries, one must wear special mouth guards for the braces. Sports like wrestling require double mouth guard that would cover both the upper and lower teeth in case the child has the braces on both. These braces in Dubai are expensive, and the orthodontist should be consulted before taking them.

  • Inference

Getting braces in a teenager’s life is a big changeover. The teenager has to get used to the idea of a foreign object in the mouth with the added responsibility of having to take regular care of it. But with some initial adjustment and properly following instructions, the goal of wearing braces will not be far – a sensational smile with beautiful and straight teeth for all to see.