5 Important Legal Advice For Investor

Everyone wants to invest in Dubai and be an art of this beautiful city. Investors from all across the globe want to own a share in this city. There are many opportunities as the development is still going on. Investing in the real estate is the most preferred option as it gives excellent returns. As the top law firms of Dubai says that a proper research should be done and lots of formalities need to be completed to have a right on Dubai’s property.

legal advisor

According to the top law firms of Dubai, after bringing the Freehold Decree, foreigners are given all the rights to buy, sell and lease the properties at Dubai. There are few important legal pieces of advice every investor should be aware of.

  1. Whether you are buying a property in Dubai or anywhere in the world, it is always recommended to go for a legal advice. This should be done in order to meet the legal obligations.
  2. The laws state that the foreign investors are allowed to own a real estate only at the particular areas. These areas are apart from the main city and are wide-ranging. You can easily find such areas of the city and you can also choose among them whichever you are interested in. If you find any difficulty regarding which one you are allowed to buy you can take the help of your lawyer. You can also approach The Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).
  3. If you are done with selecting the property you are interested to buy, the sales process of sales entails very simple and straightforward steps. The very first step is to get the appeal of Dubai Real Estate Investment. Though the process is not hard, it is very legally binding. You should get a legal advice from a credible lawyer before moving on to any step.
  4. If you come up with a sudden plan of buying a property in Dubai, there is a formality which needs to be completed as early as possible. You have to settle down the Land Registry fee within a time period of 30 days of purchase. For more information, you can always consult RERA or your lawyer.
  5. If you are ready to buy a real estate make sure you have all the doubt clear about the maintenance fees of the property. This maintenance fee varies between different properties.

If you seek for any legal assistance reach out to the SM law firm in Dubai as they have the skilled and expert attorney experienced in dealing with varied cases.