10  Uses for Aluminiums

Be it aluminium sheet suppliers or aluminium hot rolled coil suppliers, there is a growing importance for these products because of their number of application.

According to aluminium hot rolled coil suppliers in Dubai, there are a number of uses of aluminium. Some of the uses include –

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  1. Aluminium is made into thin foils which are used for food packaging and heating. These foils are very cost-effective and easy to use.
  2. Aluminium is used for making angles that are used in windows. They are very important to set the glass.
  3. Aluminium is an excellent conductor of electricity. However, it is not as good as copper and hence thick cables of aluminium are used.
  4. Aluminium alloys like magmalium and duralium. These alloys are heavily used to build heavy transport vehicles like cruisers and aircrafts.
  5. Aluminium is made into a fine powder and it is used in paints that are antirust. This is because of aluminium’s antirust property.
  6. Just like aluminium foils, thin wraps of aluminium are used to wrap food items like chocolates and other confectioneries, cigarettes, and to seal liquids like alcohol or cold-drinks.
  7. Aluminium is used to make microwave safe material like cake bowls and containers and other utensils.
  8. It is extensively used in the field of construction right from its use in staircases to roofing, there is a lot of demand for aluminium.
  9. It is used to build kitchen and bathroom doors.
  10. It is used in electric appliances like refrigerators and toasters.

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